Going about your morning routine is incredibly difficult, especially with mental illness. It's difficult to eat, to shower, and it's even difficult remembering to bring your belongings to work! (Let alone keep up with the global and political news around you.)

In this walking around simulation experience, try to do you morning routine and get ready for work while feeling the struggle that many of those feel every day around the world. You must remember to get dressed, shower, and use the toilet to head out the door and leave for work before the  dissociation sets in. Don't forget to grab your bag, keys, and phone too!

...Also using the toilet without washing your hands is gross.


Team Credits:

Programmers: Dan Donato, Carter Weinberg

Artists: Chloe Hweng, Sam De Lara

Sound Designer: Yichao Guan


Game was created as a part of the world-wide game jam series Gr8ArtGames.



The Fog (Downloadable File).zip 170 MB


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uh the shower isnt working for me